Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to handle an overactive child

Whether you’re a sitter or a Mom, you’ve probably been faced with an overactive child. There are safe and productive ways that you can help an overactive child to release their energy and remain in control.

Safety steps
It is important to childproof the home and to use products that will promote safety, both inside and outside. High-energy children tend to run or sprint, which can be dangerous, especially when turning corners or walking (or running!) close to the street. They may look a little funny, but children’s backpacks with a “leash” are an effective way to ensure a child is secure, walking within a safe distance from the parent or sitter. They’re available in fun designs, too!

Caring communication
It may sound simple, but using kind words is important to do when communicating with all children, and overactive children are no different. Typically overactive children get into more trouble than others, and it is very important for the child to still feel loved and cared about while being guided and mentored.

Bounce it out!
You have an overactive keiki – don’t let him or her bottle all that energy up – let your keiki bounce it out! 808 Bounce has an Indoor Fun Center at the Windward Mall and Pearlridge Center that lets keiki run wild and bounce out their energy for less than $10 all day long. Keiki will have a blast while you get a little time to relax!

What are some of your ideas for how to deal with overactive keiki? Please share them with us!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kathy Custer named ‘Forty Under 40’ finalist

Kathy Custer, owner of Keiki Sitters & Ohana Helpers, has been named a Pacific Business News Forty Under 40 finalist.  

“Few things make parents prouder than watching their kids grow to adulthood and amount to something,” wrote Pacific Business News Managing Editor Jim George in his column “Forty Under 40 class is truly best of the best.” It’s a statement Kathy and her clients can certainly relate to, always putting keiki and their ‘ohana first. 

In his column, Jim wrote, “At PBN, we like to think of the members of our annual Forty Under 40 class as our kids. No, we didn’t raise them, or even select them for the class. But we’re proud of them, and we take great honor in recognizing them and their achievements.”

Kathy is one of 40 businesswomen and businessmen who will be recognized and honored at the Forty Under 40 event on June 21 at the Hawaii Convention Center. Of the finalists, one will be named the 2012 American Savings Bank Community Leader of the Year and one will be named the 2012 Pacific Business News Young Business Leader of the Year, and it could be Kathy!

More information about the event and ticket purchasing are available from Pacific Business News.

Please join us in congratulating Kathy on the Keiki Sitters Facebook page!